Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome To Choice Illusions!

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my blog! I have been meaning to build a blog dedicated to politics for a few years now. As I am currently writing 2 different books (and have for over 10 years now!), I needed a place to vent my random thoughts on the vast subjects of the political, sociological and psychological sciences. Any of these subjects alone could take 100 lifetimes to even scratch the surface on. Regardless, I will try to make my mark on history by crafting insightful and unique writings on them.

About the author

For many years I have been a student of political science, history and psychology. I hold a MA in Sociology and another in Psychology. I am currently working on my doctorate in Psychology and will be getting another MA in World History. Needless to say, I have spent my entire life in pursuit of specific knowledge. While the average person would look at my interests as rather odd and maybe even 'stupid', I could never understand why nobody else seemed to care. I love to play sports, but sitting on ones rear-end watching them is inconceivable to someone like me. The average people who believe my interests to be odd, ironically memorize facts about ball players and movie stars. Ignorance must truly be blissful, I wouldn't know.

As a child, I learned to read at 2 years old, this was long before the "my baby can read" system was even thought of. I simply had a wonderful, dedicated and caring mother (God Rest Her Soul), who valued me more than anything in the world. She would read to me and teach me things that she knew would prepare me for something great, some day. Fostering a child's knowledge and thirst for discovery is the greatest gift a parent can ever give.

I was IQ tested at 9 years old, when I was in 'gifted' classes in public school. I am happy to have a genius IQ (140). Throughout my childhood, I spent all of my time studying the world around me (as every child should!), but in a unique and dedicated manner. From a very early age, I was suspicious of the world power structure and conventional religion. Things that others seemed to ignore, or just accept as reality, bothered me for reasons I could not even fully understand at that early age.

I began studying world history when I was 11 years old, prior to that I was deep into Nuclear Physics (It just interested me a great deal and I liked the "radioactive" sign). As a youngster, learning American history, I found it boring and thought history class to be terribly pedantic. All of the seemingly stupid dates to memorize for tests drove me crazy and the way it was presented just turned me off. I did not realize that it was done on purpose until I was about 26 years old! (Thank you Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt!)

The importance of knowing history

It just so happens, that history is the most powerful tool any single human being can wield, especially against others. Those who do not know or understand it, are doomed to repeat it and those that know it will use it to succeed in life. The fact that history is dictated by the victor, it can be controlled by those in power. This discovery at the young age of 14, led me down the long path that I am in the middle of right now. The importance of history is so profound that it should be the center of most peoples education. Knowing history is to know humanity as a whole. When you know how we got to where we are today, you can know where we are most likely to be heading. I could go on for hours just writing the praises of historical knowledge!

I don't want this welcome post to be 10 pages long, so I will sum it up by saying this; History is a simple thing, it should never be overly complex or confusing. When you understand how and why something happens, you can either take advantage of it or guard against it. Ignorance of something may be blissful, but it is not helpful. Life itself follows this natural and universal truth.

If you don't understand the way the world around you works, you have two things to do:
  1. Keep your ignorant mouth shut about it.
  2. Learn it implicitly or suffer the consequences of it.
The choice is up to all of us as individuals. My choice is to understand it and to teach others about it. If you want to learn about reality, bookmark this blog!